Service Fees

Compass Rose Travel offers concierge level travel curating services. As such, we charge a customised professional, non-refundable planning fee per trip. The fee for customized trip planning is $150 per person (max $600 per family or group), per trip, charged at the initiation of trip planning. This includes researching and confirming flight, hotel, transfer, dining, spa, touring and any other arrangements for that trip, regardless of trip duration or destination. 

The fee for researching and ticketing flights is $50 per person for domestic tickets, and $75 per person for international. Clients are welcome to purchase their own air and provide us with the details.

These fees are collected prior to working on your itinerary and are not part of the cost of your reservations. The fees are per trip and are not transferable to future travel plans.

There is a 15% charge for outright cancellation of a customized itinerary requested by the traveller, after confirmation.
Rarely, there may be additional charges for research on an hourly basis. You will be informed of this in advance.
Fees are for service, not for travel, and do not guarantee the lowest prices, only the best service! Fees are not refundable if travel plans are cancelled.